Steve Kolano

My role is to use my passion for the markets and people to ensure you have an investment strategy that is custom-built to work in tandem with your own personal vision of success.

Financial markets are a complex system of moving parts, which are constantly adapting and changing. People are the same way. Every investor has their own beliefs, their own views, and their own objectives, which are constantly evolving.

My mission is to understand you. What makes you, you? What informs your decision making? What is your why? With that information, I can help craft a portfolio that is uniquely yours and coordinates with your financial plan and strategy.

Throughout my career, I’ve learned one important lesson: There is no magic bullet. There is no secret sauce. There is no one-size fits all perfect portfolio.

My unique ability can be found in my process of understanding you first and then applying the art and science of investing to your goals and objectives.

At the end of the day, I know that when it comes to investing the closest thing there is to a magic bullet is having a disciplined plan and sticking to it.


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