Building generational wealth is difficult.

Did you know that 90% of family-owned businesses FAIL by the third generation. 1

The first generation builds wealth.

The second generation maintains it.

The third generation watches it fall apart.

Paul Saganey didn’t want his family to become just another statistic. As founder of Integrated Partners, Paul wanted to make sure the wealth he worked so hard to attain would help build a better life for his family.

But there’s a certain irony when it comes to wealth. The same wealth that people like Paul work so hard to accumulate in an effort to create an EASIER life for the next generation – can also create an enormous BURDEN.

Without proper planning, guidance and stewardship, wealth can become like kryptonite to Superman.

Taking something HERCULEAN and making it possible is difficult.

Success begins with a single step forward. Success requires a team of experts coaching, guiding, and helping every step of the way. Success for generations requires the Integrated Family Office.

We provide wealthy families with access to an array of services once reserved for only the ultra-wealthy.

Every family is unique, and every family has complex financial needs.

Our expert team understands this and that’s why we offer the education, coordination, and services to meet you where you are and take you – and your wealth – where it needs to go.

Our advisors and knowledgeable professionals are prepared to help support you and your family whenever and however you need them.

Coordinating Your Wealth for Generations.

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